Hi there. I’m Elly B and I’m just another Key Account Manager (another fancy word for sales rep) for a global organization, a mother to a 9 year old who’s named after Atticus Finch and a >1 yr old named after a famous lyricist.

What I love about my life, is my innate ability to persevere a life of working full time in the corporate world and still maintain some sort of humour and pleasure in life. The specific corporate space that I work in is in the lighting industry but I am more highly amused in company cultures and just the nature of sales and our blessed customers – because let’s face it – without my customers – I would never get paid.

I’ve been in a sales/key account management/legend of all things legendary role for the majority of my full time working life and seriously – with the amount of time that I spend working everyday – how could I not be a tad bit obsessed on the processes of my work and the industry I play in?

Is that enough info about me? I hope so… but if not and you wanna get in touch to even share some of your clever stuff- fill out your info below : –


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