T.I.S -Totally Irrelevant Stuff

So this is where I try to direct you towards totally irrelevant stuff in which I personally love:

These a few of my favourite things:

Best sporting team ever on this planet – Melbourne Storm

Favourite Cake designer and Decorator in Melbourne – Suganana

Amazing Melbourne-based Photographer – Malco Photography

Best coffee in Melbourne town – Padre Coffee QV

Favourite lunchtime hangout – Salford Lads Club – Port Melbourne

Makers of the best Pinot Noir in Australia – Pimpernel Vineyards

Funkiest cinema theatre in Melbourne – Sun Theatre in Yarraville

Kickin-your-butt Personal Trainer – Ben Kimstra from BK Fitness

Best Indian Restaurant that uses Organic Ingredients in Melbourne – Fitz Curry

Most Authentic Vietnamese and Chinese Restaurant in Melbourne – Hoa Tran

Delightful Organic Frozen Yoghurt Bar – Cacao Green

Rose amongst the thorns – best modern cuisine Restaurant in the ‘burbs – Dandenong Pavilion

Favourite family orientated Pizza Joint – Simply Irresistible Pizza

Mouth-watering Taiwanese Asian Tapas – 1st Salt and Pepper

Mexican Tapas – enough said – Mamasita


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